What to do in Nottingham?

What to do in Nottingham? The answer is very easy: do fun stuff! If you are looking for a place to do some exciting activities, Nottingham is your destination. The Nottingham Palace is a famous Nottingham tourist spot which can be visited by those who want to do some fun and adventure.

Nottingham is a large town in central England; in fact, it is part of the Nottinghamshire metro. It is known for its contribution to the Robin Hood legends and also for its beautiful hilltop Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, restored several times since the medieval age. In the Lace Market district, the Galleries of Justice Museum offers criminal-related displays. In Wollatone Hall, once the country’s biggest fairgrounds, a roller coaster ride is among the many attractions. Harley Gallery and Museum is a modern art gallery based in Nottingham and is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Other museums in Nottingham include Notthingham Museum, Stamping Ground and Nottingham Castle Museum.

When you are in Nottingham, don’t forget to see the Nottingham Old Market, a popular place for locals and tourists. You will find the market at Nottingham Common and it dates back to the 11th century. Besides the market, you can go to the Roman Theatre and Medieval Fountains. During the summer, you will also find the Fools’ Festival taking place in Nottingham. Take a stroll through the Nottingham Old Market to experience the history of this fascinating town.

If you want to get up close to the action, you should visit Nottingham City Centre. It is a large public space adjacent to the Nottingham cathedral. Inside the centre, you will find the Big Ben, Nottingham Castle, council house and the left lion of the city. The centre was rebuilt in Victorian style and includes a host of shops and restaurants.

To finish your trip to Nottingham, why not visit the Nottingham Lace Market? The market is open daily. Buy beautiful handmade lace and see the variety of different styles of fabric. The left lion of Nottingham stands guard on the left hand side of the market square. You will also find a number of antiques, fine dining restaurants, local craft stores, family entertainment center and a cinema.

For those of you who are wondering what to do in Nottingham, why not try to get a glimpse of what Wollaton Hall and the city of Nottingham have to offer. The Wollaton Hall dates back to the fifth century. This impressive hall was the venue for important debates were held here. To view the original fireplace, you will need to go inside the Wollaton hall itself. Here, you can also watch live events and even take part in some of them!

Another great way to explore Nottingham is by going to one of its many hidden gems. If you are staying in the Winson Forest area, you will find a wealth of places to visit in the area. You can visit nottingham castle, burghalas and cottages and even the Cathedral of Christ Church. All of these locations have something special to offer.

Nottingham is also easily accessible by means of rail and road. The best part is that all of these means are relatively inexpensive and are ideal for those on a budget! There is a train station called Horseshoe Junction and the main road access is by road. To make things even better, you should go over to the Nottingham International Airport which is only 20 miles from Nottingham. If you like shopping, there is a very large shopping centre right next to Nottingham, known as the Sneinton Market and you can enjoy shopping in and around Nottingham as well as visiting the various other nottingham castle locations.