Where to eat in Nottingham?

Where to eat in Nottingham is an interesting question for people who are visiting the city. The city is full of exciting food scenes. There are many places where you can enjoy good food. You can choose from a wide variety of foods including Chinese, Indian and Continental. In Nottingham you will find different types of Indian and Chinese dishes. Besides this there are many fine dining restaurants and coffee houses where you will get fabulous continental food.

If you are looking for somewhere to go during your visit to Nottingham, then it is time for you to visit a place where to eat in Nottingham. At 100 Degrees Coffee Bar you will learn how to make a latte or espresso, or even learn to make great tasting burgers. This restaurant offers you authentic Mexican food with exotic spices, cheeses and juices. They offer you a variety of tapas dishes that include skewers, enchiladas, pastas and salads. You will also find delicious desserts like pies, truffles, brownies and cheesecakes. You will find great fresh fruit and sandwiches, specialty juices and smoothies as well as ice cream and sorbet.

The other popular restaurant where to eat food in Nottingham is Red Dog. The restaurant serves quality beef and chicken dishes along with their famous salads. As you are walking into this restaurant, you will be greeted by a friendly team of people that will guide you to the table where you will find excellent cuisine. In this restaurant, you will find many sandwiches such as the Canadian bacon sandwich, the Indian biryani and the Mexican fajita. The salads include the spinach and mushroom salad, the tomato and egg salad, the grilled artichoke and the beef and barley salad.

The third option that you have for where to eat in Nottingham is your local fine dining restaurant. You will find fine dining restaurants in Nottingham where you can enjoy a delightful meal. Some of these fine dining restaurants offer you fine dining experience with wine pairing and also some of them offer you appetizers and drinks. The fine dining restaurants in Nottingham where you can eat food include The Artful Looter, The Boston Market and also the Ritz Carlton.

For a sweet treat, you can go to a restaurant called Rocket Shoes. You can enjoy fine soft drinks and champagne while enjoying a bite to eat at this Nottingham restaurant. Apart from fine dining, the other option of where to eat in Nottingham is a cool and casual place called the Buzz Bar. This Nottingham restaurant offers you some of the best burgers and steaks. You will also find some of your local deli’s here where you can order your favourite sandwiches, soups, pastas and desserts.

To finish off, if you are looking for a burger, you cannot go wrong with the restaurants at the Nuits Club. Here you will enjoy a great tasting burger along with your choice of beers and wines. The other option of where to eat in Nottingham is at the famous Nuits Club. Here you will enjoy good tasting burgers and you will also be able to order your favourite French wines from the bar. You can even order a selection of cheese for an extra special treat. You can also find some really nice tapas here where you will be treated like royalty.

If you love pasta, you should consider going to a restaurant called Annies Restaurant. You will enjoy a fantastic pasta dish that will leave you begging for more. The restaurant is situated in the Old Market Square and the restaurant is opened every night from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy the special pasta dishes, Chinese delicacies and burgers at this Nottingham restaurant. Another restaurant that you should visit is the Waring’s at Nottingham. This restaurant offers you a variety of dishes that you won’t find in any other restaurant.

A Nottingham burger restaurant like the ones mentioned above are great options where to eat in Nottingham. They offer you a chance to taste good food that you won’t find anywhere else. So what are you waiting for, come and taste some great food. You won’t be disappointed.